c  i  r  r  i  c  u  l  u  m    v  i  t  a  e


B.A. Visual Arts, Sonoma State University



2013  Le Palais et le Sentier, Palias de la Bourse, Marseille, France


museum exhibitions

2013  Fischer Bay Observatory Gallery, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

2009  Outdoor Exploratorium at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA

2002  Traits of Life, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

2000  Revealing Bodies, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

1998  Memory, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.



 Fédération française de randonnée / Wildproject: GR 2013, Marseille-Provence  Sentier métropolitain, Editions Wildproject, 2013.

Richards, Peter: Outdoor Exploratorium - Experiments in Noticing and Understanding, The Exploratorium, 2010.



2017  Artist-in-residence, Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France 

2016  Artist-in-residence, Camargo Foundation, Cassis, France 

2012  Artist-in-residence, IMéRA - Institut Méditerranéen de Recherches Advancées, Marseille, France


lectures | presentations | interviews

2017   Karstic Crossings: Ambient Poetics, Strange Tools, Wild Seeing, Camargo Foundation, Cassis France

2016   Karstic Crossings: Fields and Flows, Camargo Foundation, Cassis France

2015   Phantom Geographies, Chambered Terrains: Camera Obscura and the Architecture of Landscape Perception, Fischer Bay Observatory, San     Francisco, CA

2013  Hybrid Cities: interviewing Roger Malina, Mariateresa Sartori, Bryan Connell, Furtherfield arts+technology, London

2012  Trailpoints: GR 2013 as Metropolitan Landscape Observatory IMéRA, Marseille, France

2011  Touching the Untouchable: Tactile Experience in Outdoor Learning Environments, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA

2010  Topographic Theaters: Optic Instruments and the Perception of Landscape, Observatory Gallery, Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA


curation | public programs

2004   Animate (In)animate: Engineering at the Threshold of Life. Symposium. Exploratorium, San Francisco CA

2003   Animal Magnetism. Constructed Creatures, Mediated Menageries. Seeing Gallery. Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

2002   Self Propelled. Experiments in Automobility. 2nd Wednesdays Art Series, Exploratorium, San Francisco CA

2002   Eames Design Guest Speaker Series. Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.

2002   Cabin Fever - Artists Improvise Architecture. 2nd Wednesdays Art Series Exploratorium, San Francisco CA

2001   Dead Reckoning: Life Before Zero. Interactive presentation. Exploratorium, San Francisco CA

2001   Elastic Alphabet: Topology of the Written Word. Interactive presentation,  Exploratorium, San Francisco CA

2000   Cryosphere: Frozen States of Mind and Matter. 2nd Wednesdays Lecture Series. Exploratorium, San Francisco CA

2000   Omnivorous Eye: Appetite and Imagination in Art, Science and Popular Culture. 2nd Wednesdays Lecture Series, Exploratorium,  Francisco CA